All the features you could ever want.

With none of the pesky downtime or excessive fees.

We believe it’s time foundations and nonprofits stop accepting that huge percentages of their hard-earned donor dollars will go right back to their fundraising platform. Instead, we want to change the game so more dollars can go back into your community.

Open source means:

  • Open access to code—putting you in the driver’s seat.
  • No platform fee for DIYers.
  • Access to software contributions from the open source community.

And all this goodness is baked into the code:

  • Ease of use for participating organizations.
  • Responsive default design.
  • PaymentSpring integration for easy payment processing (or roll your own integration if you have an existing provider).
  • Scaling based on growing needs and donor traffic.
  • Quick setup template (deploys in 20 minutes or less).
  • Online and offline donations.
  • On-site leaderboard with real-time fundraising numbers.
  • Matching fund support.
  • Donor data report.

Ready to change your Giving Day for good?


A project of Firespring in partnership with Lincoln Community Foundation and the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management.